CMU Against ICE Dis-Orientation Guide

August 2020

Working with student organization, CMU Against ICE, myself and 4-5 student collaborators worked to design, research, and write ‘Dis-Orientation Guide’. This 108-page publication is meant to serve as an alternative to the highly curated and sanitized orientation guide provided by university administration; rather, it provides student resources, historical and contextual information on Pittsburgh, and a synopsis on university problems written and posed from the student perspective. This is the first year that such a guide has been written for CMU, and as such it inevitably contains some errors or potential improvement. For this reason, Dis-Orientation is a living document to be updated annually.
Collaborators: Peter Sheehan, Isabelle Vincent, Renee Nikolov, Kevin Geng, and Catherine Taipe.

Click the image below to navigate to Dis-Orientation Guide. Below are a selection of the spreads that I created entirely independently.